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Sunday, 10 July 2011

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Red Bull Energy Drink is a functional beverage. Thanks to a unique combination of high quality ingredients Red Bull Energy Drink vitalizes body and mind.

Numerous scientific studies on the product and the individual ingredients prove that Red Bull Energy Drink:

Increases performance

It has been extensively studied that Red Bull increases performance which is proven by e.g. the following digest of papers:
Ivy J.L. et al., Cycling time trial performance improved by ingestion of a caffeine energy drink, International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism 19, 61-78, (2009)
Alford C. et al., The Effects of Red Bull Energy Drink on Human Performance and Mood, Amino Acids 21, 2, 139 – 150 (2001)
Geiss K.R. et al., The effect of a taurine-containing drink on performance in 10 endurance-athletes, Amino Acids 7, 1, 45-56 (1994)
Baum M., WeiƟ M., The influence of a taurine containing drink on cardiac parameters before and after exercise measured by echocardiography, Amino Acids 20, 1, 75-82 (2001)

Increases concentration and reaction speed

In various studies it was proven that Red Bull increases concentration and reaction speed:
Mets MA, Ketzer S, Blom C, van Gerven MH, van Willigenburg GM, Olivier B, Verster JC. Positive effects of Red Bull Energy Drink on driving performance during prolonged driving. Psychopharmacology 2010, DOI 10.1007/s00213-010-2078-2
Barthel T. et al., Readiness potential in different states of physical activation and after ingestion of taurine and/or caffeine containing drinks, Amino Acids 20, 1, 63-73 (2001)
Horne J.A., Reyner L.A., Beneficial effects of an “energy drink” given to sleepy drivers, Amino Acids 20, 1, 83-89 (2001)
Reyner LA and Horne JA, Efficacy of a ‘functional energy drink’ in counteracting driver sleepiness, Physiology & Behaviour 75, 331 - 335 (2002)
Seidl R. et al, A taurine- and caffeine-containing drink stimulates cognitive performance and well-being, Amino Acids 19, 3/4, 635-642 (2000)
Alford C. et al., The Effects of Red Bull Energy Drink on Human Performance and Mood, Amino Acids 21, 2, 139 – 150 (2001)

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