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Sunday, 10 July 2011

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For 2006, Full Throttle is again revving up the category with Full Throttle Fury and Full Throttle Sugar Free. These new line extensions have a unique citrus flavor and come in eye-catching bright red cans featuring the brand's signature logo, flame graphics and brash personality.

Full Throttle Energy Drink
Full Throttle Fury
Blue Demon
Full Throttle  Mother
Sugar Free

Full Throttle Energy Drink: Full Throttle Energy Drink

Coke has finally come up with an energy drink that looks and tastes better than KMX. Why they waited so long, we'll never know, but Full Throttle clearly reflects some hard time at the drawing board. The lightly carbonated citrus flavor is refreshingly and has a mild bite to it. Both its flavor and its yellow-green color remind us of AMP, while the packaging resembles a number of other products in the category. These similarities should ease its belated entry into the hard-charging 16 oz energy drink category, but Full Throttle is going to need solid marketing support to catch the likes of Monster, Rockstar and SoBe No Fear.

Full Throttle Fury

This citrus-flavored extension to Coke’s Full Throttle line tastes fairly Fanta-like with only a bit of medicine-y energy drink flavor. But it’s not something we’d go out of our way to find, as we feel that energy drink/juice blends have the edge when it comes to flavor innovation in the energy drink arena and it’s not that hard to find an orange-flavored straight energy drink. Fury’s can is a pretty eye-catching shade of red and this might bring some folks over for a try; it’s up in the air as to whether the taste brings them back.

Full Throttle Mother

The drink claims that ingredients are from “Natural Sources” – presumably this means caffeine is from Guarana.

Full Throttle is made by Coca-Cola, and… just to confuse things – Coca-cola have been pushing another energy drink in Australia called Mother. Mother has not been popular in Australia. Maybe they need to try selling Full Throttle instead?

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